Birmingham Worker

Birmingham Worker is a political organisation of the working class. We are socialist, we are Marxist.  That means that we believe the working class who create all the wealth in society, should own this wealth and not go without a decent life with dignity of labour.


Socialist ideas are not day dreams or wishful thinking. Socialism is based on the science of Marxism which investigates the economic laws of development. Scientific socialism aims to overthrow the rule of Capital and the exploiters, and build a society free from parasites. In such a society everybody shall work and be rewarded according to the amount of work they do, not what they inherit or steal. The ultimate aim of building such a society will be the communist society. Communist society will come into existence in the future that has rid itself of parasites, of leeches, of the exploiters.

In communist society there will be no antagonistic class relations. Such a society was in bin strike 1the process of being built in the USSR. This society was subjected to wholesale wrecking, interference and espionage from the capitalist countries, and it was betrayed from within by the types of people from amongst the ranks of the working class who always sell out the workers. In Britain we are used to dealing with such people, most of whom are organised inside the Labour party.


Birmingham Worker is registered with the electoral commission to stand candidates for election in Birmingham. To date we have stood three candidates for councillor in Birmingham, our best result was in the ward of Balsall Heath West where we came third, beating the Tories and Greens but losing narrowly to the Lib Dems in a ward dominated by the Labour party machine. Our aim is to get workers elected to the city council so as to expose the back stabbing behaviour of the main political parties who squander the public wealth, enrich themselves through corruption and look after the needs of big business over the people of Birmingham.

Birmingham Worker attitude to the Labour Party

The Birmingham Worker Party stands on a platform opposed to the class collaboration IMG_20170714_074455903of the Labour party in this city. Nationally our organisation follows the political line of the CPGB-ML. The CPGB-ML is a national organisation with branches, members and affiliated supporters across the country. This organisation is the highest organisation of the British working class. No careerists are permitted. The CPGB-ML stands against opportunism in the labour movement, that means no selling out of the long term interests of the working class for short term gain.

Not only do we need to campaign against the bad conditions and lack of prospects for working-class people in Britain today, but we need to work for a completely different type of society — one where people’s needs decide everything.

So many problems face this world: environmental catastrophe, poverty, disease, racism and war. They’ll never be solved while capitalism remains, but they could all be sorted if society was set up for the benefit of the majority rather than the private gain of a few billionaires.

Challenge your ideas — challenge their propaganda — seek the truth — serve the people — change the world!