In this country where there are 5 million children living in poverty, why are we sailing battleships, destroyers and sending soldiers to the borders of nuclear armed super powers? Both China and Russia could turn our country into toast within an hour. Why are we parking our tanks, our warships, sending our troops to their borders? We send our troops to their borders and them tell them they are behaving threateningly towards us! Let’s find a house for those in need before we start lecturing China. Let’s find jobs for the unemployed and the underemployed. Let’s get decent schools, cut waiting lists in the NHS before we start thinking about China. We’ve put millions into poverty over the last thirty years whilst China has lifted millions out of poverty.

If we’ve got money to burn setting fire to other people’s countries then we have money to burn keeping our old aged pensioner warm in these bitter winters. The money we’re wasting on weapons and war is money that is being taken out of the pockets of the tax payer in Britain and spent not on the needs of the people in Britain but on threatening and confronting other people. We love this country, that’s the difference between us and others. Some people are never done rubbishing our country. But we believe in sovereignty and independence, which are not sufficient but are necessary for us to solve the problems which face us. 

The Labour party is not standing up for the working class. It only pretends too.  

The Labour party is not standing up for the working class. It only pretends too.  We expect the Tories to be corrupt, to be dastardly, we expect them to sting, but our problem in Birmingham is with the wolf in sheep’s clothing – the Labour party in Birmingham. The wolf in sheep’s clothing wants to lead us in entirely the wrong direction. We say that a Labour council that cannot give our children a free ride on the bus but would rather send them to court for not paying for a ticket, a Labour council that is sitting on huge reserves when its tenants are living in poor housing conditions, is not a labour council at all, it is only pretending to be and it must be beaten. The Labour party is not standing up for the working class. It only pretends too. 

We’re not pretending that after just two years we can take control of the Birmingham city council, we are saying that if you give us your vote and active support we can elect a raft of people to make the case for working people, and if we make that case we will become stronger and they will become weaker. The hundred years that the Labour party has existed is long enough to conclude  that not only are they incapable but they have no intention of transforming our country in the way that the mass of our people need.