Startling achievements of Labour party in Birmingham

unemployment is running at 11.5%

joblessness is now twice the national average

the rate of child poverty stands at approximately 43%

which equates to over 100,000 children

estimates are that over 300,000 people are already living in poverty

Those are the startling figures being spoken about by Labour council leader Ian Ward. Cllr Ward and the Labour party have been every bit as inept as their Tory counterparts. Instead of protecting and prioritising essential services the city council has served the interests of the profiteers and big business.

Speaking to the council about the cost of living crisis Cllr Ward declared that ‘Every person in every part of this city will be affected in some way or another.’ You might imagine that in the face of such a serious challenge to working class families urgent strategic planning might prioritise and shift to ensuring people are kept warm and safe. But Cllr Ward has declared that,

“We will continue to pursue a strategy of bringing major events to the city as part of the legacy of the Games including Eurovision next year and the European Athletics Championships in 2026 – which will act as a form of economic stimulus – a shot in the arm for local businesses and those looking for work.”

Birmingham needs support for industry, not the seasonal, here today gone tomorrow catering and events industry but real industry, rooted in our city, providing decent jobs month in month out, year after year. Birmingham needs free bus travel for children, so that those 43% of children living in poverty can get about the city for education and work.

The labour movement and the people of Birmingham need to get on with the job of building a proper opposition to the dangerously out of touch main political parties.

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