Report from Bordesley & Highgate Residents Forum

A Bordesley drop-in was held at Bo Cafe on Thursday 24 February and an executive meeting on Saturday 26 March for members of the Bordesley and Highgate Residents Forum. At the Saturday meeting, residents discussed progress on a number of important matters. Briefly summarised they were:

  1. After an initial response from Julie Griffin, the Director of Housing at Birmingham City Council, no further reply had been forthcoming to tackle issues of cockroaches and vermin in Charlbury Tower. Correspondence with the Ombudsman was ongoing. A further letter from a number of individual residents would go out and be circulated to the local press.
  2. A formal letter from 7 residents based on issues raised by 17 residents of Studley Tower has been sent to Julie Griffin on 8 March 2022. The issues raised include: unsafe windows, damp, major issues with drafts, ventilation and vermin. The forum must wait eight weeks for a response. Photographs and video evidence has been collected and will be shared with the press and other interested parties.
  3. A young mother in East Holme had the window fall out of her flat wall and land in the neighbours garden. The window frame gave way in September 2021 and has yet to be repaired by her landlord Midland Heart Social Housing Association. A letter will be sent immediately and images shared with the press. A disgraceful situation.
  4. More than 75% of residents in Highgate Tower have signed a petition organised by supporters of the Workers Party of Britain in the block. The petition calls for CCTV to be reinstated. The block suffers from rough sleepers in the stairways and other anti-social issues as a result of poor security. The meeting agreed to contact the local reporter from the Birmingham Mail about this issue and to approach a local Councillor and ask them to raise the petition in chamber.
  5. Residents from Upper Highgate Street spoke about the need to step up the work to deal with speeding cars. The cars are a menace to young children who play in the area and residents want speed controls. In a meeting with Neighbourhood Police officers in Highgate, Ed Woollard the Forum Chair raised the issue. The police explained that the traffic police who used to undertake the survey and then implement the controls, had ‘outsourced‘ the work. The community police officer said that having asked around in the force, nobody knew who the work had been outsourced to! The Forum agreed to proceed with a petition to organise the residents, raise with the Police again in April and make further enquiries of the council.

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