WhatsApp broadcast channels launched

More than a hundred residents joined the WhatsApp broadcast channel of the local party branch today, including more than 30 new members recruited during canvassing. The new channels are dedicated to spreading news and organising working class residents.

Organised in two distinct sections, the Bordesley and Highgate residents forum now has an additional means of communication with our supporters. Along with topical videos and news of a local and international interest, meeting dates and details are shared.

Two meetings with residents are arranged for this week. The first in tomorrow at 12noon in Bordesley (contact us for more info) and the next is 5pm on Saturday at our offices 274 Moseley Road, B12 0BS.

To join our WhatsApp channels you must be a resident. Call 0333 335 5782 and leave your mobile number & address details and we’ll send you an invite link.

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