Mass leafleting underway in Balsall Heath West

The Workers Party is out leafleting in Balsall Heath West once again as we look to provide an alternative to the Labour / Tory, “two cheeks of the same arse”, option currently open to hard-pressed residents.

Our candidate in Balsall Heath West is Paul Scrivens, a local resident living off Edgbaston Road. Paul isn’t a career politician, he’s an ordinary working man with common sense, socialist principles and the experience garnered through a life in industry and raising his family.

In his second election leaflet, Paul says:

“Neighbours, I will be standing in the forthcoming council election as the Workers Party candidate for Balsall Heath West.

“Labour has taken our votes for granted. In the words of our present councillor, Zhor Malik, a decent man who’s faith in the Labour party was badly abused:

“Labour have run our local communities into the ground!”  (Cllr Malik, quoted in Birmingham Mail, 23.02.22)

“The Labour council has had too much power for too long in our city, so much so that it now takes the voters for granted and feels no need to deliver core services. Instead it fixates on spending huge amounts of money and resources on vanity projects when it should be fixing the basics.”

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