Kings Heath LTN a big issue in local elections

The Workers Party in Birmingham has from the start been the most active and vocal body to question the logic of Birmingham city council’s LTN implementation. To date, only the Workers Party has organised any meaningful, noisy public demonstration of opposition to the scheme.

The LTN’s are Tory policy, implemented by Labour councils, which makes it all the more ludicrous to see Tories acting as though they are anti-LTN in an attempt to take ownership of the issue before May 5 local elections.

Local residents in Kings Heath are starting to see that it is the Workers Party and not the Labour councillors who have been speaking the truth all along, even the Council’s own consultations are highlighting the deep unpopularity of the scheme. Local campaigner @KingsHeathLTN on twitter recently highlighted that 77% of people with disabilities rejected the LTN and if you include the “don’t knows” that rises to 84%. Its not exactly a success story.

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