Workers Party – Birmingham helping residents

The Workers Party – Birmingham has scored some successes in recent weeks fighting for local residents. In October we’ve:

– persuaded the council to undertake block-wide pest control to deal with an infestation of mice in South Acre
– we’ve helped NHS workers get lighting fixed in Hodnet Grove so that they don’t go home from work in the dark
– we’ve tackled a rat infested dumping spot in Cherrywood Road (caution: the video is shocking)
– and we’ve already got hundreds of residents pledged to voting Workers Party – Birmingham in May 2022 in our target seats

With limited resources we successfully distributed more than 11,000 leaflets in October alone, in Balsall Heath, throughout B12 and into the B9, B10 and Bordesley Green area of Birmingham. Recruiting new members and linking up with like minded residents who are ready for change. Our work in Kings Heath continues, we’re backing the efforts of local anti-LTN campaigners and we will back ANY group who oppose the counter-productive measures being foisted onto residents. We organised the biggest anti-LTN protest in Kings Heath to date, and if the so-called ‘non-political’ groups fail to apply the necessary pressure (because of sympathies for Labour party political aims and control of the city) then we’ll be undertaking further actions of protest with residents and local businesses who are not beholden to the fortunes of the corrupt Moseley & Kings Heath Labour party.

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