Statement on Council plans to segregate Birmingham city centre

The Birmingham branch of the Workers Party of Britain call on our supporters, neighbours and fellow citizens of Birmingham to oppose plans to segregate our city into zones and segments, preventing free movement of residents and ratepayers, while increasing pollution on the ring road in the periphery of which live many of our poorest children in some of our most neglected wards.

Plans by Birmingham City Council to make life difficult for ordinary commuters and residents are openly admitted to being implemented for the benefit of big business, retail and leisure alone. A city centre given over purely for the benefit of students and shoppers is an insult to those living and working in the city and, along with the disastrous LTN schemes across the city, a colossal waste of public money and the energy of our council officers.

We demand urgent action is taken to clean our city streets, to improve the public health and implement free public transport for children as the first step towards a genuine attempt to remove vehicles from our streets.

The Council consultation on this disastrous scheme will be open until 9 September. Lets make our voices heard!

Respond to the consultation:

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