LTN: nice work if you can get it

cllr Lisa Trickett thinks getting about Kings Heath has improved immeasurably

Asked by the Birmingham Mail about the LTN, Kings Heath councillor Lisa Trickett said: “It’s not a cheap way of making policy.”[i]

Lisa Trickett knows how to waste public money. In 2017 she was responsible for a war waged on binmen. For a saving of £300,000 a year Lisa Trickett and the Labour Party spent more than £6million in an attack on bin men causing a strike that lasted months.

Now Trickett and our Labour council are chasing cash being offered by the government to those who introduce these ludicrous measures. To get their hands on the cash they had to act fast, which is why they dumped these giant wooden boxes in Kings Heath:

“Birmingham City Council said it would have to implement them before the end of August to secure government funds having been allocated £1 million from the first tranche of the Department of Transport’s (DfT) Emergency Active Travel Fund, with match-funding bringing the total to £1.6 million.[ii]

That’s Labour party consultation for you. Not a cheap way of working for the taxpayer, but pretty lucrative for the Council.

In December 2020, in response to a FOI request Birmingham City Council admitted to having spent £250,000 of the £1.6 million allocated.


  1. Why is the protest in York road? It’s effectively pedestrianised with no visibility.
    I’d have thought a protest in the village Square outside the church (visible to/with all the stationary traffic at the top of Vicarage road would be better.


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