Successful meeting held in West Bromwich for George Galloway

A second meeting was held in West Bromwich Working Men’s Social Club on Friday evening as George Galloway’s election campaign went from strength to strength. George was joined by fellow campaigners and members of the West Bromwich East constituency for more than an hour, and answered questions and took comments from members of the audience. The full recording of the meeting can be viewed above.

Heat is on for Bogus Dogus

In a disastrous start for Ibrahim Dogus, Labour’s candidate to replace Tom Watson, a report in the Times picked up in the local press has exposed his attempts to smuggle £11,500 out of Britain.

According to the Express and Star,

“Ibrahim Dogus, a kebab tycoon and the mayor of Lambeth, was embroiled in a tax evasion probe in 2011 after giving his aunt £11,500 in cash from his restaurant and asking her to take it to Istanbul on a flight from Heathrow.

The money was seized by UK border officials, who found it in satin purses, envelopes, and a sock with a zipped compartment.

In a court case, Mr Dogus, who is a close friend of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, claimed the money was being sent to Turkey to repay a debt to his brother-in-law.

However, UK Border Agency (UKBA) officials described his story as “unbelievable” and said his financial activities were “highly unorthodox”.

They said: “The UKBA submits that this cash is recoverable property, namely sourced from tax evasion.”

The full articles can be read here:

South Kings bilateral visit

Comrades from South Kings Socialists, a US based Marxist-Leninist group have met with comrades from Birmingham.

General agreement on a broad range of issues characterised the meeting, with comrades discussing the harmful influence of idpol on the youth, the tasks of anti-imperialists in the imperialist countries, the study and dissemination of Marxism by cadres and masses and a many other similar matters.

In a visit that has taken in Glasgow, Derry, London and Birmingham the comrades from the US have been able to experience something of the conditions this side of the Atlantic.

The energy, commitment and sincerity of the South Kings comrades, in the face of fascist violence, gang intimidation and the sterilizing influence of idpol, will stand the comrades in good stead and we wish them all the very best in their labours.