Birmingham in Top 50 cities to live in

The Birmingham Mail proudly declares Birmingham in the Top 50 cities to live in, worldwide. In a piece sandwiched between a story about hour-long traffic delays and another concerning a woman being shot, the Mail notes with a straight face that Birmingham is rated higher than Damascus in Syria and Bhagdad in Iraq.

Reading the Mail any day of the week you could be forgiven for thinking we lived in an actual war zone like Damascus, where terrorists sent by Britain and aided by our secret services (many of them from Birmingham) have been terrorising the population. But despite daily stories in the Mail of stabbings, muggings, robberies, burglaries, beatings and muggings, Birmingham remains a decent place to live, and if we ever manage to replace the arrogant anti working class Labour politicians running the Council we’ll take a huge step towards making our city genuinely one of the best places to live in the world.

Read the Mail piece here:

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