Bin strike back on. Bin men betrayed by Labour Party

Jacko speaking at tonight’s meeting of the Communist Party announces the news and the meeting resolves to give 100%support to the bin men.

Tonight the Birmingham bin strike is back on.

In August Unite negotiated at ACAS with Labour leader John Clancy, who had no mandate to negotiate anything on behalf of the Council, and the Council afterwards said so!

Despite this, the Union suspended strike action for Clancy’s promises although many bin men didn’t trust Clancy, Trickett, Manzie and the rest. It seems as though Unite officials trusted Clancy as a “Corbynista” and someone who had told Unite’s negotiator he was “a Union man”.

Bin men are likely to be on strike tomorrow morning – ALL Birmingham must support them. Although it was naive to call off the strike action the bin men did so under the influence of Labour Party back-stabbers. Let’s hope the lesson is learnt. You can’t trust Clancy – you can’t trust anyone who claims to be a Labour “left-winger”, they’re all the same, they serve the interests of capitalism and not the workers.

We must come out solid in defence of the Grade 3 jobs and our bin men.

We must stand by the Shop Stewards and Rich Beddows the Convenor. This mess is not their fault. This has been caused by the full time officials above them. Those who have misplaced faith in the words of Clancy and Co.

No more faith in Labour, no more shouts of “Victory” until the deal is done and the bin men have won their demands!

Victory to the bin men!

Out with Clancy, Manzie, Kennedy and Trickett!

Class Against Class!

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