Huge queues at the tip today thanks to Kennedy and Trickett

Jacqui Kennedy, having helped to cause the mess on Birmingham’s streets, then helpfully told Birmingham residents to take their own rubbish to the tip! Councillor Trickett, Labour cabinet member responsible for bins thinks that it’s okay to support £5,000 pay cuts and cause all this disruption so long as she sticks up CCTV camera images from the tip telling everyone it’s okay! And what happened to Clancy’s magic solution this weekend gone? The streets are still an utter mess! Birmingham residents must demand that the Council listens to the demands of it’s workers.

Today, Councillor Trickett’s twitter feed showing the tips looked like this:

Now we don’t want to accuse anybody of misleading the public, especially a friendly Labour Councillor who claims to support trade unionists, but when we went down to Lifford Lane today these were the scenes we found. Draw your own conclusions:

If you can help us to expose these hypocrites please get in touch urgently and help us to tell the truth:

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