Bullying at the Council


Digbeth depot at a standstill this morning

Why does the Council allow a culture of bullying?

The city council is allowing hard working men and women to be subjected to a culture of bullying and intimidation in the work place. At the Tyseley Depot nearly 80 bin men signed a collective grievance against bullying managers, three of whom were suspended. Why does the Council indulge the bullies?

The Council allows the managers to subject the workers to a culture of bullying and intimidation because the Council is scared of its employees. The Council is scared of its employees because the Council is trying to push through unjustified, illogical cuts to pay, unfair alterations to working practices, terms and conditions, and attacks on the service provided to ratepayers. Bin men, like most workers are honest, hardworking, and reasonable. But if you push people too hard, attack their pay and conditions and drive their families into poverty you will find resistance. The Council hopes to quash any resistance through bullying and intimidation.

The reason for the attacks on services and workers has its origins in two places. Firstly, a capitalist crisis of overproduction, secondly the betrayal of the working class by the Labour Party Councillors at Birmingham City Council.

Capitalist Crisis

At the heart of the capitalist system is the contradiction that, to win the battle of competition, the capitalists need to cut wages and benefits to the working masses as much as possible, while producing and selling ever more goods at ever lower cost.

The relatively impoverished working masses, however, are unable to buy all these goods, resulting in a crisis of overproduction. Thousands of businesses go bankrupt and close. There are massive redundancies. Wages for those still in work go down. And this increase in poverty makes the crisis worse and leads to more of the same.

To “balance the books”, i.e., heap the cost of the crisis onto workers and not the rich, the Tory governments, with the tacit approval of the Liberals, Labour and others, have all gone along with the mantra of funding cuts, pay freezes etc.

Labour betrayal

Birmingham City Council, a Labour run Council is implementing these cuts. Well paid lackeys (managers) like Jacqui Kennedy who can earn between £97,000-£120,000 p/a are attempting to cut the wages of the bin men by £4,000-£6,000p/a. She does this because she is paid to do it. She is a mercenary and a class enemy.

The Council and its puppets like Jacqui are also trying to extend the four day working week to five days, increase the workload and squeeze every last drop of blood and sweat from the workers. They are instructed, aided and abetted by the Labour Party Councillors like Cabinet member for Clean Streets Lisa Trickett who gets a minimum of £41,000p/a in “allowances”. Lisa is in the Labour Party and heads the attacks on the bin men. She’s a shrewd politician who in her role as Cabinet member for Clean Streets has caused the biggest industrial dispute for years resulting in piles of stinking rubbish adorning the streets of Birmingham. What a success story. Like most politicians, Lisa thinks that she knows best, and she is unlikely to back down. Workers need to let Lisa know that they are opposed to the mess she is quite literally making. Email lisa.trickett@birmingham.gov.uk  to let her know your thoughts. Lisa holds a surgery every,

2nd Thursday of the month, 6.00 – 7.00pm

Moseley Exchange, Moseley Community Development Trust, The Post Office Building, 149 – 153 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8JP.

Letter from supportive residents

Birmingham Worker reproduces a letter from residents which we received today, showing the strong feelings of solidarity between working people. It stands in stark contrast to the Labour class traitors who are pushing through these cuts to services:

“We at

XXX (anonymised)

Shard End



Support our bin men and women.

They work very hard to keep our streets clean. Without their dedication and hard work we would never have clean streets.

Stop cutting their throats and start by giving them a pay rise.

The ones who are thinking its okay to cut the workforce on each wagon from 5 to 3 workers.

How about if you try doing their jobs on half of the work force, plus we will top your work load to almost double plus remember for the extra work you will not get a pay rise but you will get a pay cut.

Keep up with these conditions for a year! See if you can do it with the rise in food bills electric gas and other house hold bills without any problems.

Please before making these ridiculous changes try them out for a year to see if they are readable or not.

You can’t expect in today’s time for pay cuts it should be pay rises not cuts.

We sport our bin men and women open heartily.

I’m suffering from fibromyalgia syndrome and i know what pain feel likes and im pretty sure the the pain you are expecting the workers to live on is more painful to the pain im receiving.

Kind Regards from

Mr JS Bhangra

Mrs SS Bhangra

Master J S Bhangra”

Bin men solid and in fighting spirit


Sentiments of Perry Barr bin men

Despite the propaganda emanating from the Council & the Birmingham Mail this week, most of Birmingham’s residents fully back the bin men. Today’s pickets of Montague Street, Lifford Lane, Redfern Road and Holford Drive were packed and only a tiny insignificant number of scabs made it out from Redfern Road. The streets are full of rubbish, the council is inundated with complaints, and all of Birmingham wants to see them get to the negotiating table and give the bin men what they rightfully demand.

From the public support it is clear that nobody has bought into the propaganda of councillor Dierdre Alden who suggested this week the bin men risked creating the conditions for another Grenfell. After all, Tory Alden should remember the real reasons for Grenfell. The Tory Council in Chelsea could have purchased a sprinkler system for the block which would have cost a paltry £200,000, fire retardant cladding a further £5,000. In contrast, Robert Bond, Chief Executive of Rydon Group, the company undertaking the refurbishment, was paid £424,000 last year and gained dividends of £734,000. The contrast betwen rich and poor couldn’t be greater. It’s class against class.

Councillor Alden, like the Labour leaders of Birmingham Council still hopes to turn public opinion against the striking workers and will stoop to any dirty, mucky accusations to achieve their aim of forcing through unjustifiable and ill conceived cuts. And if the Birmingham Mail continues to allow such tripe to be reported in it’s pages there should be a picket outside their offices to expose their bias.

Full support to the Birmingham Bin Men!


Tyseley Depot out this morning


Union meeting at the gates of Holford Drive


Montague Street pickets. Full marks to the lone SPeW comrade for defying the Socialist Party’s Corbynmania and turning out to protest Labour cuts

Reasons why YOU should support the Birmingham bin men on strike

Binmen Stoppage; Tyseley Depot; 11th July 2017;

The following has been issued by the CPGB-ML Birmingham branch:

“Dear Ratepayers, residents, working class men and women of Birmingham. Three reasons to get behind the bin men and demand the Council serve our community.

  1. Dirty streets means rats and disease

The City Council is in a deep economic crisis, the result of both cuts from central government and their own mismanagement which has cost ratepayers £11.9m. The Chief Executive and Council leaders are seeking to heap the burden of this crisis onto the backs of workers whilst plundering services provided for Birmingham’s rate payers, including those essentials which keep our streets clean and free of disease.

  1. An attack on one is an attack on all

Bin men are working class just like you. All of us have to fight for clean, safe and healthy working conditions as well as a living wage upon which to raise our families. An attack on one section of the working class is an attack on us all; we all lose if we are divided. That is why we must give support to one another when our pay and conditions come under attack. One in five workers in Birmingham already earns less than the living wage of £8.25p/h and 37% of Birmingham’s children officially live in poverty. Bin men do a valuable and physically exhausting job from which we all benefit, an attack on their wages is an attack on us all.

Our bin men face a Labour Council which isn’t serving the interests of the working class people of Birmingham. Only strike action can halt proposed wage cuts of £4-6,000 per bin men, 122 redundancies and alarming changes to working practices which will undermine the safety of the bin wagons on our streets.

  1. Don’t believe what you read in the papers

The right wing is claiming that there are inefficiencies because there are 2 supervisors to every 1 bin man. The truth is that all the bin men work, there are no armchair “Supervisors” but some have extra responsibilities for safety or driving. Rather than abolish the title of “Supervisor” for Leading Hands, they want to attack the pay, conditions and role of the Leading Hands, reducing them to the level of an operative. The Leading Hand plays an essential role supervising the work at the back of the lorry; tragic fatal accidents in the past have demonstrated the importance of this role.

Driver’s are classed as a Grade 4 Driver/Managers, overseeing the entire job. A Leading hand that used to look after three operatives now only looks after one and is classed as a Grade 3. The remaining operative is classed as a Grade 2.

  1. How the service works

Some years ago the Council reduced each bin wagon from a five man crew to a three man crew. The Council then introduced wheelie bins and never worked out what to do with all the waste that overflowed from the bins. Consequently the management have made a complete mess of the collections and the work of the bin men. Rather than address these mistakes, they’re trying to blame the workers.

Average Council Bills went up £46 last year and despite this they STILL attempt to cut essential services whilst paying for painted bears to be erected all across the city!

What can you do?

Help the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) build support for the bin men and all workers in struggle. The country is in a deep economic crisis and we have to build the unity of the working class to withstand the assault of the class enemies. Labour, Tory, it’s the same old story whoever is in office.

Please get in touch, email birmingham@cpgb-ml.org or text 07457 519260″

July 11 – bin strike morale is high


Birmingham bin men took strike action for the third time in two weeks today. Comrades from Birmingham CPGB-ML supported pickets at Tyseley, Perry Barr and Lifford Lane. The morale of the bin men is high, and they have good reason to be optimistic. The public support was loud and clear as cars tooted their horns in passing, and our own comrades have heard nothing but support from the public at stalls and tables we’ve ran in Handsworth and the city centre. We call on all our supporters to get behind the bin men this Friday @ 6am!

Public Rally to support the strike in the city centre ::

 Thursday 13 July | 5.00pm – 6.15pm

Bottom of the ramp, New Street, city centre.

Help us tell the public that this strike is not about modernisation, it’s a result of capitalist crisis.

Strike by Birmingham Council Bin Men ::

 Friday 14 July | 6.00am – 8.00am

The CPGB-ML will be outside the entrance to Perry Barr Tip, Holford Drive, B42 2TU.

We’ll also be at the other pickets. Find us at:

Lifford Lane, Kings Norton, B30 3JJ &

James Road, Tyseley, B11 2BA.Bin men_poster A4(1)


Bin men in Birmingham on strike

Red Youth

Red Youth activists joined bin men on picket lines across Birmingham today as Unite members walked out over pay and Labour Council cuts to services. Perry Barr tip, Lifford Lane, Tyseley and Digbeth were all out on strike, with only a handful of scabs crossing pickets. We reproduce below links from local media and todays article from the Birmingham Worker.

Video: http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/birmingham-bin-lorries-queuing-depot-13262436

BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-40456211

The Birmingham Worker:Birmingham Worker

Defend the bin men!

Oppose Labour council cuts

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