Council scraps recycling & announces new plan to collect your rubbish every three weeks

Good turnouts again at both Lifford Lane and Redfern Road this morning, our bin men are holding firm despite the attempts by Labour Councillors and biased journalists to turn the public mood against them.

Councillor Clancy is now promising a new approach to rubbish collections that will make a “significant difference” effecively admiting that his attempts last week were a complete failure. The Mail reports that,

“Now the council is implementing clean ups ward-by-ward, aiming to clear up an area before moving on to the next. But even then it could take days to clear the total backlog built up since industrial action began at the end of June.

Speaking before a council watchdog committee Cllr Clancy (Lab, Quinton) said: “Ward by ward people will notice their recycling and refuse being cleared. People are going to notice a significant difference over the next week.””

Clancy’s plan is aimed to keep his own voters happy. Quinton (Clancy’s neck of the woods) benefitted already this week from this “new approach” and Perry Barr men will drive passed Handsworth tomorrow which has not been collected for four weeks and head out to leafy Sutton Coldfield instead.

All the scheming and attempts at strike breaking will not save Clancy in the end. His great plan is doomed to fail. Based on a ward to ward round, taking into account the planned industrial action, most residents will now be lucky if they see a bin man once every three weeks! Public pressure on the Council will increase and the workers resolve shows no sign of breaking.

The Council is so desperate to clear some of the mess that they are now binning everything they can get their hands on, regardless of the fact that whatever cannot be incinerated will go to landfill and poison the environment. All of this will incur extra charges. It seems the Council can find no end of money when it is to be used against the workers. Labour, Tory same old story.

info_refuse and recycle mix

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