Birmingham Mail #fakenews

The Birmingham Mail indulges in yet more biased journalism today when it provides naff mobile footage as proof of bin men doing “something” wrong, although they’re not sure what! No proper reporting of the law breaking by the Council who are using scab labour, no proper reporting of the real issues at stake, no reporters on any picket line since Day 1!!

Mr Bowater “the complainant” is the classic #fakenews resident. He “used to support the bin men but that support is now waning”. In all liklihood he’s probably always hated the bin men but that wouldn’t sound very impartial.

His footage shows very little, bin men collecting some rubbish but not everything – SHOCK. Thats been going on for weeks. How is that news?!

The Mail luckily has a nice photo of him taken at the Birmingham Post Business Awards, that doesn’t smell fishy does it? A free dinner provided by the newspaper and some naff cheap champagne and some would people will sell their soul. Come on Birmingham Mail, this resident isn’t exactly your regular bloke is he? For one thing he obviously sits home all day with his phone at the ready so he can film bin men. And he can’t even do that very well!

If you want to help us combat this propaganda please get in touch!

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