Bin strike scab wagons cost taxpayers £1,000 each a day

Bham MailAccording to the city council and their spin doctor journalists at the Birmingham Mail, this weekend saw a staggering 52 phantom bin lorries clearing up rubbish and collecting bags. Our spotters saw bin lorries out this weekend, but nowhere near the 52 claimed. In Balsall Heath they drove up major roads like Edward Road but cleared next to nothing.

According to one agency worker who went out on Saturday, three wagons left Perry Barr Saturday morning, two were back in the depot by 2pm, having been instructed by management to break collection rules and clear up “everything” they saw – making a mockery of the Council’s own recycling program. With a handful out at Perry Barr it is believed that Lifford Lane was locked down and we think the number which left from Tyseley was insignificant – probably similar to the four scab crews which go out during the week stabbing their colleagues in the back on a daily basis.

And despite the best efforts of the Tory and Labour union haters & journalists, even the Birmingham Mail’s own comments section has started to queston the lies emanating from Neil Elkes and his city council sources. Their own report notes:

“Scott Stephens @albion585 tweeted: “52? They all done the same Street. Nobody I know has seen them. #embarrassing”

While Mark Gardner @sparkyb28 tweeted: “Nope, no waste or recycling crews in Hall Green B28, maybe should use virtual reality googles to see them.”

@MrT_CompSci described the council’s announcement as #fakenews and demanded photographic evidence.”Read the Source here.

Whats all this costing taxpayers?

The contracting lorries brought in by the Council are reputedly costing the taxpayers £1,000 per wagon per day. Speaking to the men who worked would suggest the number of wagons in use at the weekend was nearer to 20, but if the Council paid all these ghosts and apparitions to work then the cost to taxpayers from this weekend alone would have been £52,000+! And what, the taxpayer may ask, would be the cost of keeping the Grade 3’s – it is thought to be a paltry £330k per year!

So why are the bin men under such sustained attack?

Its clear that Stella Manzie, with the full backing of the local Labour Party is determined to beat the trade unions and break Unite. Why? It is becasue she is motivated by class hatred, a disdain for workers and the conditions of the poor and ordinary men and women. It is because she is a vile servent of capitalism, a person who would pimp their family for money, stoop to any infamy and villainy for Capital. Creatures like Manzie, Kennedy, Trickett worship money not people. If Trickett has visited a picket line in the past it was to advance her own career, it was out of self-interest, she has no common cause with working people. They all hope to break the bin men so that they can get on and break other Council workers. All the Grad 3’s will come under attack, one at a time. That is why the bin man’s fight is OUR fight!

The bin men have not had any significant support from any section of the labour movement or “left” other than the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist). On the one side stands the ruling class and their bosses and hired flunkey’s, on the other stands the workers. The CPGB-ML stands with the workers.

If you want to support the bin men, help us distribute the Birmingham Worker and our leaflets to the public fighting the lies with the truth. Get in touch ASAP and help us win this battle:


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