Strike breaking

Despite the Councils best attempts, very few have scabbed

Strike breaking

The City Council stands accused of squandering YET MORE taxpayers money by using scab labour to undermine a legitimate, legal strike by Birmingham’s bin men. This can result in a £200,000 fine from the government – more tax payer’s money squandered!

Under the Employment Agencies & Employment Business Regulations 2003, Part 2, Section 7:

“7.—(1) Subject to paragraph (2) an employment business shall not introduce or supply a work-seeker to a hirer to perform—

(a)the duties normally performed by a worker who is taking part in a strike or other industrial action (“the first worker”), or

(b)the duties normally performed by any other worker employed by the hirer and who is assigned by the hirer to perform the duties normally performed by the first worker, unless in either case the employment business does not know, and has no reasonable grounds for knowing, that the first worker is taking part in a strike or other industrial action”

Birmingham city council has been caught bringing in agency labour from Extra Personnel to do the job of the men on strike. The scabs were secretly brought into Montague Street Depot where they were given some very basic health and safety training int he use of the vehicle, the Council intended to send these poorly trained workers out onto our streets causing a risk to men, women and children.

The Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate at the Department for Trade and Industry has the power to fine the Agency a £25,000 lump sum, and £5,000 per scab worker and slap a big £200,000 fine on the Council.

We must demand the Council stops breaking employment law and respects the right of its employees to withdraw their labour – they are not slaves.


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