Letter from supportive residents

Birmingham Worker reproduces a letter from residents which we received today, showing the strong feelings of solidarity between working people. It stands in stark contrast to the Labour class traitors who are pushing through these cuts to services:

“We at

XXX (anonymised)

Shard End



Support our bin men and women.

They work very hard to keep our streets clean. Without their dedication and hard work we would never have clean streets.

Stop cutting their throats and start by giving them a pay rise.

The ones who are thinking its okay to cut the workforce on each wagon from 5 to 3 workers.

How about if you try doing their jobs on half of the work force, plus we will top your work load to almost double plus remember for the extra work you will not get a pay rise but you will get a pay cut.

Keep up with these conditions for a year! See if you can do it with the rise in food bills electric gas and other house hold bills without any problems.

Please before making these ridiculous changes try them out for a year to see if they are readable or not.

You can’t expect in today’s time for pay cuts it should be pay rises not cuts.

We sport our bin men and women open heartily.

I’m suffering from fibromyalgia syndrome and i know what pain feel likes and im pretty sure the the pain you are expecting the workers to live on is more painful to the pain im receiving.

Kind Regards from

Mr JS Bhangra

Mrs SS Bhangra

Master J S Bhangra”

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